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Analysis: Regulatory opportunities for internships

The team at the Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society invites you to read the third in a series of analyses. This time we looked at the issue of unpaid internships. Apprenticeships are intended to help young people make the transition from education to permanent employment by providing them with practical training at their future workplace. Although the very institution of internships as an opportunity to gain their first professional experience seems to be right, t ...

2023-02-02T10:23:17+01:0028 October 2021|

Analysis: Legal education in Poland

We give you the second analysis in the series, this time on legal education in Poland. In an era of global socio-economic and cultural changes, it is important to equip the younger generation with mechanisms to shape their social attitudes by deepening legal awareness through a series of educational activities aimed at knowing the basic principles of the rule of law. With this assumption, legal education is intended to serve the whole society, as well as the individual. Educated young people no ...

2023-02-02T09:43:19+01:0015 October 2021|

Analysis: Young Poles in the face of climate change

The Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society puts into your hands an analysis entitled Young Poles in the Face of Climate Change. The analysis was prepared as part of the New Generation Dialogue project, and its author is Lucja Urbanowska. The goal accompanying the creation of the study was to look at the issue of climate change from the perspective of young people in Poland, in particular their attitudes, knowledge of the problem, actions taken and possible ways for y ...

2023-02-02T09:31:32+01:0011 October 2021|

“Youth and the Climate” – foreword by Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland Lukasz Rzepecki

Lukasz Rzepecki, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland for Youth Affairs, was a special guest at the conference "Youth and the climate - the role of representatives of the young generation in creating a sustainable Poland of the future." During his opening speech at the conference, the Presidential Advisor emphasized the importance of youth participation in climate action. He also mentioned the "Youth in the Palace" initiative, which is a series of meetings and consultations with r ...

2023-02-02T14:50:49+01:007 September 2021|

“Youth and the climate” – Jakub Wiech on nuclear energy

We invite you to read a lecture by Jakub Wiech on nuclear energy. Jakub Wiech (born in 1992 in Kielce) - lawyer, journalist, commentator. Deputy editor-in-chief of Graduated from the IV High School in Kielce. Winner of the Provincial Competition, Krasomowieczy (2009, 2010) finalist of the National History Olympiad (2011). Graduated from law at the University of Warsaw. During his studies he became involved in the activities of the Independent Students' Union. He also worked in ...

2023-02-04T14:21:50+01:007 September 2021|
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