At the Ready!

An ongoing project from June 2022 in cooperation with the National Bank of Poland as part of its economic education program. Its goal is to support young people in taking up employment with the help of a mobile application that automates the provision of a simple, free, individualized and immediate professional consultation on the conditions of a person’s employment. In this way, we are confronting the lack of basic preparation in law and economics, which allow people to make the right decisions in the labor market.

Youth Interventions

The “Youth Interventions” project, implemented with the support of the PGE Foundation until February 2023, consists of two pillars. Within the framework of the first, comparative legal research and socio-legislative monitoring on the situation of young people in the labor market are being conducted. They will result in the development of guidelines for legislative changes in the area of young people in the labor market. In this regard, the Institute receives indispensable support from the Young Section of the NSZZ Solidarity-80 – a partner in the Project.

The second pillar is called “Legal issues in practice” and is dedicated to activities raising awareness of young people and focuses on the title interventions. A channel of communication has been created between representatives of the young generation and the Institute’s team on issues related to public participation within youth advisory bodies, youth councils at local government units and youth NGOs. Their representatives can send their inquiries, which are answered by people with social experience and higher legal education. An anonymized general study will be created based on the problems reported by the youth to the intervention box, as well as their current own observations.



Through the Eyes of the Young

The project was implemented with the support of the Orlen Foundation from July 2021 to July 2022. Through the Eyes of the Young had two main goals. The first was to study the social phenomena that affected young people in the era of the pandemic. The second, on the other hand, was to encourage representatives of the younger generation to become more involved and active in the broader civil society. The project was created with a special focus on pandemic conditions. In the course of implementation, a report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students, or a selection of analyses on various aspects of the young generation’s social participation were issued, among other things. The Project also included an internship program.

Youth Energy

The project was implemented with the support of the Energa Foundation from January to December 2022. It aimed to raise awareness of 5,000 people aged 16 to 25 about social activism and to study the effects of amendments to local government laws on the functioning of youth advisory bodies at the local level. The results of the study of current youth policies were proposals for new solutions of a strategic nature for youth.



Dialogue of the New Generation

The project was implemented throughout 2021. In total, it covered nearly 250,000 young residents of Poland. The research conducted as part of the New Generation Dialogue focused on analyzing the beliefs, perceptions and expectations of young Poles (aged 15-24) toward social policy, the justice system, as well as youth participation. The Project produced a series of promotional materials, analyses and a final report containing recommendations for decision-makers. All the intended results of the Project were achieved despite the difficult pandemic situation.