On Thursday, April 27, 2023. The Youth Council of the National Development Council deliberated on a new school subject – business and education, and on issues of comprehensive financial education for Poles.

Chairman Lukasz Rzepecki, opening the meeting, noted the need to raise the level of financial education among school children and youth. Representatives of the Ministries of Education and Science, Finance and the GovTech Poland program presented the state administration’s efforts to date to popularize economic knowledge among Polish society, especially among young people. There was also a discussion of a new school subject – business and management, which will be included in the core curriculum in Polish schools in September. Its introduction is preceded by numerous public consultations, including the one just held at the NRR Youth Council of the President of Poland.

Representatives of the Warsaw Banking Institute presented detailed results of the annual “Level of Poles’ Financial Knowledge” survey, which addresses, among other things, self-assessment of the level of knowledge, preferences, challenges and social expectations in the area of broadly understood knowledge of personal finance, banking and investing.

A joint initiative of nationwide foundations and social organizations carrying out the mission of raising the level of economic knowledge is the postulate to establish 2024 as the Year of Economic Education.

Another important item on the agenda was the presentation of the concept of the National Strategy for Financial Education, which is designed to develop financial competence among Poles necessary for dealing with the challenges of civilization on a daily basis.

The Youth Council’s leaning towards the topic of financial education among children and young people has been well received by the initiators of the popularization of financial and business knowledge.

Source: https://www.prezydent.pl/aktualnosci/narodowa-rada-rozwoju/aktualnosci/rada-ds-mlodziezy-o-finansowej-edukacji-polakow-,67669

photos: KP RP