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Continuation of the Youth Interventions project!

Due to the great interest with which the "Youth Interventions" project was met, we saw the need to continue the activities of the second part of the project, i.e. "Youth Interventions 2.0. Continuation of the comprehensive youth legal awareness program" also implemented with the support of the PGE Foundation until October 2023. Having recognized the problems of youth, we see the need to develop program activities on two levels within the framework of so-called youth policies. The first is to pr ...

2023-07-08T20:21:10+02:008 July 2023|

New translations available on IREPSO website: Youth, social participation and self-governance in English

IREPSO, an organization focusing on youth, public participation and public policy advice, is pleased to announce new publications available on its website. Among the new publications, made available in English, is "Social participation of the younger generation," which focuses on the role of youth in decision-making processes and involving them in society. Another publication, titled "New Generation Dialogue," prompts reflection on three key areas of social life from the point of view of youth ...

2023-06-01T18:47:58+02:001 June 2023|

Youth Council on financial education of Poles

On Thursday, April 27, 2023. The Youth Council of the National Development Council deliberated on a new school subject - business and education, and on issues of comprehensive financial education for Poles. Chairman Lukasz Rzepecki, opening the meeting, noted the need to raise the level of financial education among school children and youth. Representatives of the Ministries of Education and Science, Finance and the GovTech Poland program presented the state administration's efforts to date to p ...

2023-04-29T12:00:44+02:0029 April 2023|

Youth interventions – a casebook now available!

The project "Youth Interventions. Comprehensive Youth Legal Awareness Program" was implemented with the support of the PGE Foundation and ran between October 2022 and March 2023. This publication brings together the quintessential of the counseling activities implemented as part of the Intervention... For six months, the IREPSO team provided free legal advice to representatives of foundations, associations, informal groups, youth councils or student or pupil governments. Within the framework of ...

2023-04-29T11:58:57+02:0029 April 2023|

[case study] Is the name “youth council” trademarked?

Case: In Niespornice [name changed], there was no youth council in the city until now. For a long time, an informal group called "Youth Reaction" has been advocating for its establishment. After long efforts, the group succeeded in bringing about the establishment of a youth council in the city (YCC) by the municipal council. None of the members of the "Youth Reaction" group obtained a mandate as a YCC councilor. This led to a boycott of the established youth council by the members of this group ...

2023-04-22T12:10:43+02:0028 February 2023|
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