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Social scholarships another topic of the Youth Council meeting

On January 26, another meeting of the Presidential Council for Youth Affairs, operating within the National Development Council, was held. This time, the Council, together with invited experts and representatives of student and doctoral self-government, analyzed the issue of the need to increase the amount of social grants or related mechanisms when amending the Law on Higher Education. First of all, it should be noted a certain thoroughness of the present topic in light of the current law. Wel ...

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Lesson plans on climate education now available!

August 17, 2021. The Minister of Climate and Environment and the Minister of Education and Science signed a letter of intent expressing the will to cooperate on environmental and climate education. The main goal was to increase environmental and climate awareness of the younger generation therefore in November 2021 an inter-ministerial Team for environmental education, including climate education, and promotion of ecological living conditions was established. The teams included scientists, expe ...

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September 19 – the day of youth councils and assemblies at municipalities!

December 15, 2022 is a day of great success for youth communities. During Thursday's 68th session of the Polish Parliament, 447 deputies voted in favor of a resolution establishing September 19 as the Day of Youth Councils and Councils at Local Government Units. It was 32 years ago (in 1990) that the first youth city council in Poland was established in Częstochowa, which was a manifestation of local authorities opening up to cooperation with the young generation of citizens. The adoption of the ...

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New IREPSO publication on municipal youth strategies!

We are pleased to present the publication authored by Jan Zapolski-Downar entitled Strategies shaping youth policy in the municipality as an instrument for spreading the idea of self-government and increasing youth participation. The publication was created thanks to the support of the Energa Foundation as part of the Energy of Youth project. There are no longer any doubts about the statement that actions for the benefit of young people in Poland should be supported. At the central level, there ...

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Voluntary National Review of the implementation of Agenda 2030 – fill out the survey!

This is the second time Poland has joined the Voluntary National Review of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda - VNR 2023 (VNR). We presented the first report at the UN in 2018. The Ministry of Development and Technology (MRiT) wants the contributions of young people and NGOs to find a special place in the VNR 2023. Therefore, the purpose of this survey is to gather the most precise and factual input from a wide range of stakeholders in Poland representing three areas: business, social issues ...

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