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[case study] Resolution or act? In what form does the youth council make decisions?

Case: The Youth Council of City X has the following provisions in its statute: The Youth Council of the City makes all decisions in the form of an act. Acts of the Youth Council are adopted by open voting. Questions: Could the Youth Council of the City have granted itself legislative powers as defined in the statute?  Are decisions made in the form of an act binding?  IREPSO Answer: The analysis should begin by recalling the provisions of Article 5b(10) of the Act on Local Government. According ...

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[case study] Bad statute of the Youth Council – how to change it?

Case: The Youth Assembly of the Province, seeing certain provisions in its statute that may cause certain limitations in its activities, decided to change them. What could be the model procedure for changing statutory provisions initiated by the Youth Assembly of the Province? IREPSO's answer: The procedure mentioned in the case should begin with the creation of a problem committee or a working group that would prepare a resolution project in this regard. Of course, the establishment of such a c ...

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[case study] By-elections to the youth council

Case: Two members representing a certain primary school resigned from a youth council in a municipality. The electoral regulations, which are part of the youth council's statute, stipulate that elections to the youth council are universal and take place in individual schools within the municipality, which constitute constituencies. However, there are no regulations regarding by-elections. Can the youth council supplement its composition? IREPSO Answer: The method of selecting members of the yout ...

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[case study] The youth council term extension

Case: In a certain municipality, the term of the youth council lasted for 2 years (from March 2020 to March 2022). However, in October 2021, 90% of the youth council members resigned due to completing their secondary education. The by-elections and swearing-in of new members lasted until the end of the year, so the new youth council members would only be in their positions for 3 months. Therefore, the municipality council would like to extend the term of the youth council by six months (until Oc ...

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[case study] Can the number of youth councilors in the youth council change?

Case: In a certain youth council of the county, the statute provided that the number of its members is 10 people (2 people from each municipality), and its term was established for 2 years. After a year of activity, it was noticed that such a small number of youth councilors hinders effective actions. The county council therefore amended the statute of the youth council, changing the number of council members from 10 to 25. Can the number of youth councilors change during their term?  IREPSO's a ...

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