IREPSO, an organization focusing on youth, public participation and public policy advice, is pleased to announce new publications available on its website. Among the new publications, made available in English, is “Social participation of the younger generation,” which focuses on the role of youth in decision-making processes and involving them in society.

Another publication, titled “New Generation Dialogue,” prompts reflection on three key areas of social life from the point of view of youth – i.e. climate, justice and social participation.

“Municipal youth policy strategies as a means of youth participation and self-governance” is another publication that analyzes youth policy strategies at the local level and their impact on youth participation and self-governance.

The latest publication, “The term of a youth council of a local government unit, election of its members and the related solutions adopted due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic,” focuses on the changes made to the electoral processes and activities of youth councils due to the pandemic.

Thanks to public funds raised through the Youth Fund (Fundusz Młodzieżowy NIW), IREPSO has translated these publications into English to make them accessible to a wider audience. We encourage everyone interested in youth to visit the IREPSO website and read the translated publications. They offer unique insights into the topics of youth and public participation and provide practical solutions for organizations, policymakers and other stakeholders to improve communities and public policies.