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A recording of the Dialogue of the New Generation final report presentation is now available on YouTube!

This publication crowns the Dialogue of the New Generation, the flagship project of the Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society in 2021. However, this does not mean that our work in the areas of justice, climate and environment, and public participation ends. On the contrary. The information and conclusions we were able to gather through the Dialogue of the New Generation have outlined the direction of our work for the coming years. Indeed, the conclusions of our resea ...

2023-02-04T14:44:58+01:0030 December 2021|

Analysis: the UN and sustainable development – the role of young people.

We place in your hands a study entitled The UN and Sustainable Development - the role of young people. The report presents information on Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals adopted within its framework, as well as the role of young people in their implementation. The issue of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Poland and around the world has also been addressed. This report also includes examples of activities carried out by young people to implement Agend ...

2023-02-02T15:30:02+01:0026 December 2021|

Dialogue of the New Generation report is now available!

The presented report is a collection of experiences from nearly a year's work on the project and a summary of the Institute's survey. We were able to transform the above experience into a set of recommendations for possible measures to carry out effective state policies for youth. Download: the Dialogue of New Generation report ...

2023-02-04T14:45:50+01:0018 December 2021|

Analysis: Legal conditions of social participation of youth in Poland

We place in your hands the analysis entitled Legal conditions of social participation of youth in Poland. This analysis is an attempt to systematize the knowledge of legal regulations relating to the concept of social participation of young people. Currently, most of the legal regulations are scattered in nature, often not referring to participation by this social group, so it became necessary to cross-sectionally examine these regulations in order to obtain the broadest possible picture of the ...

2023-02-02T15:12:55+01:008 December 2021|

Youth civic participation on YouTube!

A recording of the Youth Civic Participation event is now available on YouTube! The time of the pandemic as well as the recent amendment of the regulations on youth municipal, county and youth provincial councils on June 23, 2021 have significantly affected youth civic activities. The purpose of the event was to discuss and develop common criteria that will give a hint to young councilors on how to create and build youth advisory bodies in today's world or how to improve their functioning in th ...

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