Due to the great interest with which the “Youth Interventions” project was met, we saw the need to continue the activities of the second part of the project, i.e. “Youth Interventions 2.0. Continuation of the comprehensive youth legal awareness program” also implemented with the support of the PGE Foundation until October 2023. Having recognized the problems of youth, we see the need to develop program activities on two levels within the framework of so-called youth policies.

The first is to promote youth association, especially in NGOs and youth councils at local government units. As part of the issue, we will continue intervention activities by supporting youth councils through the communication channel established in the first part of the project. In terms of this area, the novelty will be the creation of an online knowledge base, containing: templates of the 4 most relevant letters and documents useful in the work of a youth councillor, and 2 podcasts devoted to issues of social participation with the support of the National Secretariat of Youth NSZZ “Solidarność”-80.

The second problem area involves the development of assumptions for the introduction of youth impact assessment in Poland based on ongoing research and comparative activities, establishing partnerships and following legislative work at the national and European level. The so-called youth impact assessment is a tool operating in selected European Union countries and, among others, in New Zealand or Canada. It is an important element of sustainable law – i.e. law whose effects have a long-term positive impact on the fate of future generations, or at least do not worsen their situation. Currently, Poland does not have a similar solution in place, although advisory bodies that could support its implementation are present.

More information coming soon!