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Statement on the use of the name “Through the Eyes of the Young”

We encourage you to read the statement issued by the President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society on the use of the name Eye of the Young. The statement is available below. Warsaw, August 23, 2022 Statement Foundation Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society Regarding the use of the name "Okiem Młodych" (Through the Eye of the Young) In recent hours, we have been observing a far mistaken identi ...

2023-02-03T10:02:08+01:0023 August 2022|

About the youth report on RDC!

RDC Afternoon: about youth self-governance in Poland Piotr Drzewiecki, a youth policy advisor, from the Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society, was a guest on Robert Luchniak's Afternoon RDC broadcast about youth self-government in Poland. What is necessary for youth councils to function properly is to equip youth councilors with the right competencies. It is the role of not only municipalities but also NGOs to get involved in the process of supporting youth. (...) Y ...

2023-02-03T09:58:42+01:0022 June 2022|

Quality of life for young doctors in Poland

According to the OECD, Poland had 23,000 educated medics who had left their homeland to work in Western countries by May 2020. In contrast, an EUK report shows that as many as 15% of doctors intended to leave the Polish labor market after the pandemic [1]. In the first quarter of this year, nearly 200 applications were submitted to medical chambers for the issuance of the certificate needed to obtain employment abroad. Against the backdrop of media reports regarding alarming data on the emigrat ...

2022-12-28T10:43:24+01:008 June 2022|

“Healthy living” after a pandemic

Overweight and obesity are among the diseases of civilization - chronic non-communicable diseases that pose a threat to human health and life. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the rate of growth of obese people, and the average weight of a Pole increased from 3 to 6 kg! In the post-pandemic period, we also have a change in the eating habits of Poles - 34% eat more, and 19% have increased their consumption of processed meat, fast food, cakes and alcohol. It's important to move a lot, have the r ...

2023-02-03T09:56:20+01:001 June 2022|

What will be the Essentials of a Youth Activist?

Last Saturday, i.e. May 21, 2022, the National Youth Dialogue Congress was held. The event was organized by the National Working Group of Union Youth Dialogue, headed by its chairman, the Foundation for Youth Initiatives. During the event held in Warsaw there were many panel discussions with young people. Among other things, the participants of the Congress discussed the role of youth advisory bodies, which are the ministries. During the event, the "Essentials of a Youth Activist" was also pres ...

2022-12-28T10:28:32+01:0030 May 2022|
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