Last Saturday, i.e. May 21, 2022, the National Youth Dialogue Congress was held. The event was organized by the National Working Group of Union Youth Dialogue, headed by its chairman, the Foundation for Youth Initiatives. During the event held in Warsaw there were many panel discussions with young people. Among other things, the participants of the Congress discussed the role of youth advisory bodies, which are the ministries.

During the event, the “Essentials of a Youth Activist” was also presented. It will serve as a compendium of knowledge for those who want to get involved in social activities, as well as for those who have not yet had the knowledge or courage to take action in this direction. The indispensable book was supposed to be released as early as May, but problems with publishing caused the date to be postponed. However, a copy of the “Essential” should soon be delivered to each local government unit. On the web, the content of the “Youth Activist’s Essential” is not published as of today.

What is the “Essential of the Youth Activist”?

It is a guide for young people taking their first steps in social activism. During the congress, it was discussed what is included in it, and whether it is useful and necessary in everyday activities. The Essential is 100 pages of practical knowledge on Youth Councils. It is a knowledge base for young people. The Essential is divided into 3 parts:

I part is called KNOW – it deals with legal, organizational aspects related to the guide. It touches on the problems of what rights a Youth Council has, deals with the policy of strengthening youth councils at JTS, and also addresses the impact of recent statutory changes on their form, and answers the question of why it is worthwhile to act in youth councils;

Part II is called I KNOW HOW – practical tips on how to manage the MR, how to act in it, what ideas to have, presents the division of tasks and presents the structure of the youth council, and presents what cooperation between youth councils and the appointing authority should look like;

The 3rd part is called ACTION – it deals with how to find ideas for action, how to plan and carry out an event;

The guide answers the question why it is worthwhile to act in youth councils, instead of spending time on rest and fun. Maslow’s pyramid reflects this perfectly. By acting in youth councils we fulfill each of our needs. Starting with:

physiological needs – related to a place to work in comfort

the need for safety

people who were socially engaged during the pandemic realized the need to be needed,

the need to belong – to integrate into a team,

Recognition – what we accomplish in the youth council is the community in the district recognizing that something is happening for the young,

Self-actualization – entry in the CV – employers increasingly appreciate people involved in projects.

Activity in MR should be based on long-term factors, which affects the development of the municipality. At the congress there was an answer to the question of what to do about the exodus of young people to large centers. The solution was given that there should be an MR, which will develop a strategy to keep young people or return after studies to smaller towns.

So how does the MR work with the appointing authority? You have to look at the Municipal Council as a partner. Young people have ideas, while adults have experience, and it is worth combining this. Enthusiasm, energy of young people and experience of adults. It would be necessary to meet regularly with the mayor, mayor and president. Advise, consult and cooperate with adult colleagues.