RDC Afternoon: about youth self-governance in Poland
Piotr Drzewiecki, a youth policy advisor, from the Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society, was a guest on Robert Luchniak’s Afternoon RDC broadcast about youth self-government in Poland.

What is necessary for youth councils to function properly is to equip youth councilors with the right competencies. It is the role of not only municipalities but also NGOs to get involved in the process of supporting youth. (…) Youth councils are formed by people who may be 13, 18, sometimes 20 years old – it is difficult to expect such people to have advanced legal knowledge that would allow them to give opinions on legal acts in the municipality

– said Drzewiecki

A transcript of the conversation is available on the Radio’s website, at: https://www.rdc.pl/podcast/popoludnie-rdc-o-mlodziezowej-samorzadnosci-w-polsce/. We also encourage you to read our publication, dedicated to youth local self-governance (shorturl.at/dmoDU).