Overweight and obesity are among the diseases of civilization – chronic non-communicable diseases that pose a threat to human health and life. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the rate of growth of obese people, and the average weight of a Pole increased from 3 to 6 kg! In the post-pandemic period, we also have a change in the eating habits of Poles – 34% eat more, and 19% have increased their consumption of processed meat, fast food, cakes and alcohol. It’s important to move a lot, have the right dietary pattern and not smoke! These three lifestyle elements change risk in many areas!

Health promotion and disease prevention is key, with the goal of convincing people to get tested and take preventive measures. In this regard, we encourage you to read our article “Obesity and overweight – a continuing problem among the young?”

Also to be encouraged is the “Healthy Life” project, an initiative of the President of the Republic of Poland, which launches as early as June 3. This is the first nationwide project dedicated to preventive health care, prepared in cooperation with the MZ, MAP, NFZ and PZU S.A. As part of the project, activities have been planned to promote healthy lifestyles among children and adults. It will be made possible to perform free specialized examinations and medical consultations in mobile health zones. As the President of the Republic of Poland himself points out, “During the pandemic alone, 42% of us have gained an average of 5.7 kg in weight! However, obesity is not only a discomfort. It is first and foremost the cause of a number of diseases, with diabetes at the forefront, which affects more than 400,000 people every year.”

We want to encourage both young and older Poles to take action: prevention is better than cure!

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Obesity and overweight – a continuing problem among the young?