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Loneliness of the young during a pandemic

In his novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude," published in 1967, Gabriel GarcÍa Márquez wrote that "tribes condemned to a hundred years of solitude have no second chance on earth." They have no second chance because loneliness isolates and contains the past. It causes stagnation and closes the door to the future. Loneliness has always existed. However, this does not change the fact that the current times are exceptionally conducive to this phenomenon. The increasing pace of life and the weakeni ...

2023-02-02T15:15:59+01:008 December 2021|

Increasing protection for young consumers. The OCCP will inspect influencers

Just as once distinguished actresses, heroes of action movies or favorite books were unsurpassed role models, in the realities of the modern world it is the influencers who contribute to the formation of values, behavior and social patterns. The content published by them reaches thousands of recipients, not only the youngest, but also representatives of the older generation, having a huge impact on their consumer decisions. Operating in social media, Internet celebrities often act as entreprene ...

2023-02-02T15:10:59+01:007 December 2021|

Internships and apprenticeships the topic of the Youth Council to the President of the Republic of Poland

The National Development Council's Youth Council debated internships for young people entering the labor market on November 25, 2021. The meeting, held at the Belvedere, was chaired by Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland and at the same time Head of the Youth Council Lukasz Rzepecki. In addition to members of the Council - also present were Bogna Janke - Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, as well as Blazej Spychalski and Marcin Drewa ...

2023-02-02T15:02:35+01:0026 November 2021|

Briefing after the Youth Council meeting

Take a look at the briefing after the meeting of the Youth Council with the participation of public participation expert at the Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society, Piotr Drzewiecki. The National Development Council's Youth Council yesterday debated internships for young people entering the labor market. Particular attention was paid to the problem of the low quality of the internships offered and the phenomenon of reverse payment, when the student has to pay for ...

2023-02-02T14:43:14+01:0026 November 2021|

Internet addiction among the young in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

Characteristics of Internet addiction Over the past decade, the Internet has become an indispensable part of most Poles' lives. According to a CSO survey conducted in 2020, 90.4% of Polish households (with people aged 16-74) have access to the Internet1. Virtual space serves many functions - it is an unlimited source of information, enables efficient communication in various forms (written, video, telephone), provides entertainment and can be a source of income. Although for many people the web ...

2023-02-02T14:20:58+01:0026 November 2021|
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