Meet our team

Individuals through whom we implement activities for the development of civil society.

Currently Spokesperson of the Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland, in previous years, among other things, Chairwoman of the Board of the Student Government of the University of Warsaw, student senator in the Senate of the UW and Chairwoman of the Project Coordination Committee of the USS UW. Graduate of applied sociology and journalism with a specialization in public relations and media marketing, secretary of the evaluation teams of the Polish Accreditation Commission.

A second-year MISH student at the University of Warsaw, where she is pursuing Law and International Relations. For many years I have been involved in all kinds of projects related to youth activities and raising social awareness. My great love is words and people, and developing this feeling enables me to be part of IREPSO. The Middle East and the poetry of Zbigniew Herbert also have a special place in my heart. I am a laureate of the 3rd Human Rights Olympiad, a former intern at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, and the author of many scientific papers on a wide variety of topics, published on the International Observer portal, among others. Numerous conferences, debates, as well as activities in scientific circles provide me with constant opportunities for development.

Law student at the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Economics. Academically and professionally engaged in the issues of youth social participation. Co-author of the book , “Youth self-governance in Poland. Analysis and further perspective” and author of several scientific articles. Enthusiast of local self-government, former councilor of the Youth Council of the City of Malbork.

Expert on judicial procedure and banking. At IREPSO, he works on issues of social responsibility of the financial sector, sustainable financing and the role of the third sector in protecting civil rights.

Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. A legal adviser trainee registered on the list of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Opole, cooperating with one of Warsaw’s law firms. He specializes in commercial, tax and criminal fiscal cases. She also deals with proceedings for the protection of personal rights of individual clients and commercial law entities. Ambassador of the project ,,Dialogue of the New Generation”. Involved in activities for the development of legal education and civil society in Poland.

Medical student at the Jagiellonian University Medical College. Member of the board of the Student Scientific Society, currently associated with Think Poland.

Graduate of the medical faculty at the Medical University of Warsaw. During her studies, she was associated with the Student Scientific Circle of Lifestyle Medicine, in which she served as chairperson in the 2020/21 academic year, as well as with the Student Scientific Circle at the 1st Chair and Department of Cardiology at WUM, where she served as chairperson of the Echocardiography Section for many years. She is a member of the Polish Society for Lifestyle Medicine.

Graduate of law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and postgraduate studies in AML and Compliance at Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. For years she has been involved in the activities of third sector organizations, from volunteering to project management. Co-organizer and speaker at more than a dozen national and international conferences on legal and social issues. As of 2019, she is gaining experience as a marketing manager for projects on a national scale.

Graduated in psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. Professionally engaged in marketing research at Data Science. Currently KU Leuven.

Student of law and administration at the University of Warsaw, awarded the Scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science for the best students in Poland. Author of scientific texts in the field of administrative and civil law, co-author of the scientific monograph entitled. , “Youth self-governance in Poland. Analysis and further perspective”. She served on the presidium of the Youth Council of the City of Plock and the Youth Assembly of the Mazovian Voivodeship.

Attorney trainee. For many years associated with activities for the third sector. Since 2015 Senior Councillor of the Youth Council of the City of Gliwice. Past Chairman of the Polish Council of Youth Organizations. Member of the NRR Youth Council to the President of the Republic of Poland. Co-author of the Report on the series of annual public consultations with representatives of the young generation Rozmowy z Młodymi o Polsce (Conversations with the Young about Poland), published by the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland. Served as coordinator of the Youth Delegate to the UN Program implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Speaker and panelist at a number of conferences on the issue of youth participation in social life (also international, including Dublin, Berlin and Istanbul). Actively worked for the amendment of the Law on Municipal Self-Government in the scope of Article 5b, concerning the functioning of youth councils of municipalities (among others, within the framework of the Start5b project and at the parliamentary team for the support of youth councils of municipalities at the Units of Local Self-Government).

W Młodzieżowej Radzie Klimatycznej opiekuje się grupą ds. mediów społecznościowych. W wolnych chwilach lubi szlifować hiszpański, pływać – bez różnicy czy na statku, czy na basenie, oglądać “Przyjaciół” po raz kolejny oraz odkrywać nowe miejsca.

He has more than 11 years of experience working on youth policy development in Europe and more than 10 years of experience in the functioning of third sector organizations in Poland. He represented Poland, among others, during the conferences: Youth for Tomorrow’s Europe in Malta, 3rd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum 2017 in Warsaw, European Union Youth Conference in Vienna, Youth Trends Forum 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2019, he was appointed to serve as a member of the Council for Dialogue with the Young Generation for the first term operating at the Prime Minister’s Office. He conducts trainings and workshops for formal and informal youth organizations. Professionally: an attorney.

Twenty-four years old, I come from Poznan. I graduated from law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and am currently studying International Military Relations at the Academy of Military Arts. I have studied as an exchange student in the Czech Republic, Finland and Iceland. While in Iceland, I did an internship at the Polish Embassy in Reykjavik. On a daily basis I work in a law firm. I have been an honorary blood donor for years. I hold the title of qualified lifeguard and WOPR lifeguard. For the past 6 years I have been participating in competitions in powerlifting triathlon on the national and international stage.

I consider my greatest achievements to be receiving the Prime Minister’s scholarship twice, winning a gold medal at the Academic Championships of Poland and representing Poland at the Academic World Cup. I would like to serve as an officer in the Polish Army in the justice and legal service corps. I am a fan of music from the 1980s. I have a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Student of finance and accounting at the Warsaw School of Economics and international relations at the University of Warsaw. At SGH, she represents students in bodies such as the Student Government Council and the SGH Senate. Coordinator of the Meritory Team of the Asian-European Partnership for Development project. For 6 years involved in the area of youth participation in socio-political life through activities in youth councils, cooperation with the Ombudsman for Children and organizations such as the Polish Council of Youth Organizations and the IREPSO Foundation.

Attorney specializing in consumer protection and anti-unfair competition cases. He has extensive experience in criminal and criminal-criminal cases. At IREPSO, he is responsible for running the Litigation Intervention Department. Long-time attorney for social organizations, including the Foundation for the Protection of Consumer Rights and the Eurolege Foundation, joining ongoing litigation and supporting legal education. Advocate for transparency and openness of court cases. Privately a lover of history, as well as geopolitics.

Graduate of a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting with a specialization in accounting and Taxes at the Vistula University of Finance and Business in Warsaw and postgraduate studies in the field of Executive Master of Business Administration at Collegium Humanum – the Warsaw School of Economics. Management School in Warsaw. For more than 10 years she has been involved in the activities of third sector organizations and coordinator of many projects aimed at their development. Since 2021, she has been appointed to the Youth Council to the President of the Republic of Poland as part of the National Development Council.

Attorney at the District Bar Council in Warsaw, vice president of the United Nations Association – Poland, specialist in sustainable development and competition and consumer protection law. Actively involved in social activities. In 2019-2021, coordinator of the program Agenda 2030: Poland for Sustainable Development at UNAP, initiator of the Summer Academy for Sustainable Development. Member of the Polish delegation to the 4th European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities. Youth delegate to the 36th and 37th sessions of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. Graduate of the European Academy of Diplomacy.

A humanities major, she graduated in international relations from the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. She specializes in project management and international relations. She is currently expanding her knowledge of national security at her Alma Mater. For years she has been involved in the NGO sector in Poland. From 2020 to 2022, she served as coordinator of Agenda 2030: Poland for Sustainable Development at the United Nations Association – Poland. She has actively participated in many thematic conferences and seminars on international politics, climate change or civil society development.