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Voluntary National Review of the implementation of Agenda 2030 – fill out the survey!

This is the second time Poland has joined the Voluntary National Review of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda - VNR 2023 (VNR). We presented the first report at the UN in 2018. The Ministry of Development and Technology (MRiT) wants the contributions of young people and NGOs to find a special place in the VNR 2023. Therefore, the purpose of this survey is to gather the most precise and factual input from a wide range of stakeholders in Poland representing three areas: business, social issues ...

2023-02-03T11:01:20+01:009 January 2023|

We are starting to implement a new task!

Over the past two years, we have successfully implemented four projects on the situation of young people in our country. Unfortunately, the nature of project work does not always allow us to meet the current needs of our team. In order to counteract youthworkers' professional burnout and with the aim of improving the quality of our team's work, we are launching a public task "Stabilizing the functioning of the Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society". Thank you for yo ...

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