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[case study] Can youth councils from different municipalities and counties merge?

Case: In county X, there are three active youth councils in the municipalities. After many meetings and discussions of plans, the members of these councils came to the conclusion that they could work more effectively together in many matters. A proposal arose to merge the three youth councils into one - a youth council for the entire county and to deal with youth-related matters throughout the county. Questions: Can a youth council be created by merging other councils?  What are the ways to "for ...

2023-04-22T12:01:59+02:0013 February 2023|

[case study] How to fairly elect youth council members?

Case: Alojzy (name changed) was a candidate for a youth council member in Poland. In October 2022, he submitted his application form and met all the formal requirements that allowed him to take up the position of a youth council member. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, he did not receive the mandate in the recruitment process conducted by the provincial council - in November 2022, he received information about not being qualified, first by the competition committee team, and then by the counc ...

2023-04-22T12:00:42+02:0013 February 2023|

[case study] Youth councilors at the “adult” council session

Case: After consulting with the youth from their community, the youth council of the municipality wanted to address the mayor with questions regarding issues that concern the youth (such as pedestrian crossing lighting, repairs to the sidewalk next to the school, or the renovation of the school playground) during the youth council session. However, the mayor did not show up to the session. Therefore, the presidium of the youth council decided to attend the municipality council session and ask th ...

2023-04-22T11:53:36+02:0010 February 2023|

[case study] What can a youth council do during a dispute with the administration?

Case: A conflict has arisen between a youth council and the county authorities regarding the possible actions of the youth council. The youth council wanted to take a position in the form of a resolution in support of the local high school director, who is in conflict with the school's governing body - the county, regarding the reduction of the number of first-year classes in his school. Local decision-makers have taken the position that the youth council can only perform tasks that are specifie ...

2023-04-22T11:51:45+02:0010 February 2023|

[case study] Who covers the cost of the youth council’s functioning?

Case: The association "Together for our Youth Council" (fictional name) has been cooperating with decision-makers from the local municipality for several years to support the activities of the youth council. The association received a grant every year from the so-called small grants scheme (based on Article 19a of the Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work) for the purpose of increasing the civic and social competencies of the youth council members. However, due to a change in regulations and ...

2023-04-22T11:50:14+02:0010 February 2023|
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