Already on April 22 – International Earth Day- the Leadership Summit on Climate, organized by US President Joe Biden, will begin. The President of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, has been invited to the meeting. The Youth Climate Council, as an advisory body to the Ministry of Climate and Environment, will have the opportunity on April 19 to provide comments from young Poles to the President of Poland before the Leaders’ Summit.
The MRK’s remarks, proposals and demands are organized into 5 main thematic blocks:
1. equitable transformation;
2. youth and climate policy;
3. support for developing countries;
4. The role of NGOs and the private sector;
5. global climate policy;
As organizers of the New Generation Dialogue project, we realize the importance of making the voice of the younger generation heard. We are pleased that more and more organizations are involved in climate and sustainability issues. These topics are particularly close to our hearts, as they encompass the research areas of the New Generation Dialogue.
For more information on the consultation:
Summary of the MRK’s consultation on the Leadership Summit