The Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society puts into your hands an analysis entitled Young Poles in the Face of Climate Change. The analysis was prepared as part of the New Generation Dialogue project, and its author is Lucja Urbanowska. The goal accompanying the creation of the study was to look at the issue of climate change from the perspective of young people in Poland, in particular their attitudes, knowledge of the problem, actions taken and possible ways for young people to influence public authorities.

Why is the youth perspective important?

We now have the world’s largest generation of young people. The concept of sustainable development implies that it is for the sake of the well-being of future generations that humanity has set itself the goal of ceasing the continuous reliance on non-renewable resources.

When it comes to climate policy, young people are therefore a unique stakeholder who will be affected more than the older generation. This raises the complex issue of intergenerational (intergenerational) equity – a problem that belongs to many branches of law and policy. In addition, young adults, high school and college students often see (and define) themselves as a group that is connected to climate change.

Among other things, the analysis answers the following questions:

  • Where do young Poles get their climate information from?
  • How does our knowledge compare with other Europeans?
  • What role do youth organizations play in the climate issue?

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Download: Analysis Young Poles in the Face of Climate Change