Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society – who are we?

Dear reader,

Since you have come to our site, it means that you are probably close to the idea of strengthening the voice of young people in decision-making processes. The basis of the Institute for the Development of Legal Education and Civil Society is to work for the development of legal education and civil society in Poland through cooperation with specialists in the field of law and youth policy.

At IREPSO, we believe that the key to success is the skillful combination of well-established knowledge and practice, so in our activities we attach great importance to:

advocacy – we are guided by the idea of advocating for the interests of youth through initiating change, participating in dialogue with decision-makers and informal activities,

research – through the creation of publications, reports, studies and special brochures, conducting analytical and publishing activities, in the field of legal issues and civil society,

as well as

training and debating – by organizing social projects, conducting workshops, debates and conferences aimed at spreading legal knowledge and awareness in society, increasing interest in the contemporary shape of European legal culture, its changes and threats, including conducting discussions on social, economic and cultural aspects of law.

Our team

Behind IREPSO’s activities is a team of experts, consultants, researchers and volunteers. Each of the people who make up the Institute is distinguished by their commitment and innovative insights, allowing us to carry out our activities at the highest level and provide solutions that support the voice of the young. Many of our experts are distinguished by their years of social experience and participation in international projects and conferences, such as the EU Youth Dialogue (formerly: Structured Dialogue), Eastern Partnership Youth Summit, CoE-EC Youth Partnership, UN Youth Delegates Program, Youth COP, KA1, KA2 and KA3 Erasmus+ Projects.


IREPSO’s activities focus on three key areas:

  • education – in particular, legal education,
  • development and promotion of cultural assets,
  • strengthening youth participation in public life.

In addition, the Institute works to increase the institutional capacity of NGOs and other formal and informal entities operating within civil society.

In the last year, as part of the Dialogue of the New Generation project, we organized a number of conferences and trainings, including: a debate entitled. “Youth self-government in the new state of the law” and a conference entitled. “Youth and the climate – the role of representatives of the younger generation in creating a sustainable Poland of the future.” To date, we have published three studies: “Young Poles in the face of climate change,” “Analysis of the possibilities of regulatory internships,” and “Legal education as an effective way of creating legal awareness among young people in the field of justice.”

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