Appointment of the Youth Council of the National Development Council

On October 14, Polish President Andrzej Duda appointed members of the Council for Youth Affairs. The Council, is an apolitical body that will operate within the framework of the National Development Program. During a ceremony at the Presidential Palace, 24 people representing various youth organizations and communities, including educational, climate, environmental, international, people with disabilities, agricultural, sports, labor, and those offering psychological and psychiatric support, received their nominations from the President.

This is an event of exceptional importance, because until now, such an advisory body to the President of the Republic has not functioned. This is the first initiative of its kind.

The establishment of the Council is the culmination of the “Youth in the Palace” consultations, which lasted more than a year, during which 100 meetings were held, with the participation of more than 160 organizations representing youth communities.

It is also another step in building civil society and strengthening the voice of young people on issues that are important to them and affect them.

What will the Council do?

The Council is intended to be a forum for debate and social dialogue regarding youth issues. It will also be involved in the preparation of assumptions for presidential legislative initiatives in this area. The basis of its activities is to be openness, readiness to cooperate with various circles, dialogue and the absence of “taboos.”

There will certainly be no shortage of topics. Just how many issues need to be discussed is evident from the report that was produced as a summary of the “Youth in the Palace” consultation. Topics raised there will certainly appear in the work of the council. Those concerning education, climate, international issues and people with disabilities should be regarded as particularly important.

– We are glad that we have a voice and will be able to talk about our needs and problems, but we will also be able to propose ways to solve them. We want to be advocates for the younger generation,” Council members stressed.

The first, inaugural meeting of the Youth Council, was held at the Presidential Palace with the participation of Polish President Andrzej Duda. Its theme was “The young to the challenges of the future.” The next one is scheduled for November.


photo: Marek Borawski / KPRP