Part of our Institute’s team had the pleasure of participating in the Poland 2.0 Summit, which took place on October 30, 2021 in Warsaw.

What is Poland 2.0?

The event aims to encourage young, inspiring professionals to never think they are too young to succeed. On the other hand, for representatives of companies, Poland 2.0 is a great space to meet creative Poles, as well as a platform to exchange insights and expectations about today’s labor market.

The first Poland 2.0 summit was held six years ago in London. This year, for the first time in the history of the conference, we met in Poland. Poland 2.0 Summit is an event organized by students for students and addresses the challenges facing the younger generation in the fields of law, finance, health, energy or entertainment.

In this year’s agenda, the main thematic tracks were: Futuristic Trends, Technological Transformations and Social Impact Solutions. In their discussions, experts from various fields addressed issues such as the ethical aspects of using artificial intelligence, combating fake news, the climate crisis, and sustainable development, among others.

We asked our volunteers which panel discussion they liked best. The favorite of Catherine, a medical student, was the panel “Big Data in HealthTech. Giving Meaning to the Ever-Increasing Medical Statistics?”, which featured Dr. Katarzyna Kolasa (Parexel Europe, Kozminski University) and Dr. Alexander Sowa (Director of Oncology, Warsaw Genomics).

On the other hand, Piotr, a law student, most enjoyed the discussion “The Future of AI in Cybersecurity: Fighting Fire With Fire?”, in which speakers included: Maciej Ogórkiewicz (ING Bank Slaski), Tomasz Wilczynski (BNP Paribas Bank), Piotr Konieczny ( and Aleksander Kijek (Nethone). The choice was difficult, because all the topics discussed at this year’s conference were very interesting and dealt with issues that are important to young people.

We are pleased that the events organized by the young for the young are very popular, not only among students or people looking for their place in the labor market, but also professionals and representatives of large companies who want to share their experiences.

We warmly encourage you to follow the activities of the Organizers of Poland 2.0. Surely, we will hear about them more than once! Congratulations on a great event.

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Photos are from the Organizers.