Dialogur of the New Generation is an initiative to allow the development of a national unified strategy towards youth, taking into account the voice of young citizens. In order to do this, it turns out to be necessary to develop a working methodology and to identify a few of the most relevant issues for the development of the state, in which the Polish government plans to cooperate particularly actively with young people.

These sectors include:

  • social participation,
  • climate and environment,
  • justice.

With regard to each of the above-mentioned areas, it is necessary to develop new methods of state action towards young people in connection with changing conditions – such as globalization, or universal access to the Internet. Effective policy cannot be carried out without choosing the right sources of communication with society.

The lack of a state strategy for youth and thus actions carried out only on an ad hoc basis can lead to a feeling among young people that they have no influence on the policies of the state of which they are citizens. So far, the projects of NGOs operating at the national level have not been finalized, and have covered too narrow an age group, leaving out young people aged 15-17, who can also take an active part in shaping the state’s future vision. It also seems that the epidemiological factor has not been taken into account, which at the moment makes it impossible to hold direct meetings with the interested public. It is necessary to undertake consultations with young people as soon as possible in a hybrid formula that allows, in the event of a high incidence rate, to move the meetings to an online format. It is also necessary to present the results of the work to social science experts, in order to thereby present the most reliable recommendations in public discourse.