Diagnosis of the problem

Operating in an era of fighting a global pandemic has led society to countless transformations, in almost all areas of daily life. The changes have not spared the younger generation either.

As never before, practically overnight, young people found themselves in previously unknown and hard-to-predict realities. The restrictions and limitations that were introduced, such as the prohibition of gatherings among peers, closed or limited access to public buildings and services, the rapid implementation of remote education – represented a complete shattering and negation of the previous perception of reality.

Despite the difficult conditions, the vast majority of representatives of the younger generation passed the test. The young sacrificed some of their individual freedom for social responsibility. However, this came at a price.

Initial observations indicate that the mental health of many of the young people has deteriorated. Due to prolonged isolation and functioning in confinement, less involvement in civil society institutions has been observed. The sense of helplessness and uncertainty about the future in the face of, among other things, visions of economic crisis is also compounded.


The Eye of the Young project has two main goals: to study the social phenomena that have affected young people in the era of the pandemic, and to encourage representatives of the younger generation to become more involved and active in the broader civil society.

We believe that in order to effectively help young people with the difficulties of post-pandemic reality, it is first necessary to analyze the experiences they have had to face, or still have to face. However, it is inconceivable to conduct this type of analysis without the direct involvement of the group concerned – in this case, the youth. For this reason, in addition to activities of a scientific and research nature, we will conduct actions aimed at activating young people and encouraging participation in the creation of civil society.

Why is this important to us?

The problems of the younger generation are particularly close to our hearts, since we ourselves are its representatives. The young constitute a significant group of Polish society, and the problems they face should be taken seriously. Concerned about the future of the youth, long-term actions should be taken that go beyond the central level, so as a non-governmental organization we feel that we have a special duty to respond to disturbing phenomena affecting this social group.

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