What does our work consist of?

The New Generation Dialogue is a project involving a survey of young people’s opinions, combined with social activism, that will produce a research report with 30 recommendations for those in power in the following sectors:

  • justice,
  • ecology, climate and environment,
  • public participation.

We plan to conduct 3,000 surveys among young people between the ages of 15 and 25 by December 2021. The surveys will refer to three thematic blocks, i.e. young for justice, young for climate and environment, and young for social participation.

The presentation of the results of the surveys will take place during a panel conference, during which young people from all over Poland will work on producing recommendations for state bodies and enacting a strategy for youth.

The New Generation Dialogue also assumes the promotion of civic and patriotic attitudes, social activation of young people, increasing awareness of the mechanisms of a democratic state of law, the environment and raising the soft skills of participants. To this end, we have planned a series of accompanying events, including:

  • training,
  • ambassador program,
  • debates,
  • meetings with experts.

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